Current Version Plugin VLC Web Plugin

Plugin always makes your browsing experience more exciting and reliable the Current version of VLC Web Plug in is one of the Firefox web browser plug-in which can be use for playing all media files which are supported by VLC Media player. VLC player is one of the best media player for playing videos. This VLC plug-in is present in your Firefox browser if you already downloaded the VLC player on your computer, as the plug-in comes with the VLC player.

How Current Version Plugin Vlc Web Plugin Works?

The current version plugin vlc web plugin works same as VLC player works in your computer or laptop, as it allow, you can play all media files which are supported by VLC player, but unlike VLC player this plug-in plays Video directly in your Firefox browser. Let me explain you with a little example, like when you download a video from YouTube or from any other site in your computer, you don’t have to play that video with other type of media player because with this plug-in you can directly play it within your browser.

Installation processes of Current Version Plugin VLC Web Plugin

The process of installation of VLC player in your web browser is not so complicated, for this first you need to have Firefox browser then you have to install a VLC media player software on your computer, because when you install the VLC player this plugin will automatically get installed within your browser. Some instructions are steped here, which you can follow to install the VLC current version web plugin for Mozilla Firefox browser:

Step 1: First you need to install VLC player, to download the VLC media player software on your computer, you need to visit to website and then just click on the download button. Downloading will start.

Step 2: After completing the downloading process, go to the downloaded file in your computer, then double click on vlc-2.1.3-win32.exe after that click on Next button which visible on the screen installation will start.

Step 3: then select the language in which you want to install the VLC Media player and click on OK button.

Step 4: Now click on Next button than a user license agreement window will be visible, click on Agree button then click on the Next button again

Step 5: In the next step you need to check all web plugin options involve a Mozilla plugin and ActiveX plugin and click on Next to continue installation.

Step 6: Now you can select the place where you want to install the Player or you if you want to use default then click on Next button to continue.

Step 7: After clicking wait for few second to complete the process that at the end to complete the process click on the Finish button.

To check the plugin is installed properly or not just open your Firefox than in the address bar write about:add-on now click to plugin tab and search for VLC Web Plugin. Then you will see this on the window that means you successfully installed the plugin in your Firefox.

How to update installed Current Version VLC Web Plug-in?

If you want to update the existing version of the plug-in then you first need to search of the office VLC Media Player website if updated version available or not, if the updated version is available than just go and install that. By installing the updated version of VLC media player, web plugin will replace the old one.

How to Disable VLC Web Plug-in?

Any time whenever you want to disable the plugin you can do that in few minutes very easily. You don’t have to uninstall the VLC player from the computer, Just follow below instruction

  • Open Firefox -> Type about:add-ons in address bar -> switch to plug-in -> search for VLC plugin -> look in right of the plug-in -> click on Never Activate option
  • After clicking this Plugin is automatically disabled on your Firefox
  • How to remove VLC Web plug-in?

You two way option to remove the VLC web plugin from your computer and browser, First way is to simply uninstall the VLC Media player from the computer which causes the removal of plug-in automatically. If you want to remove only plugin not VLC player that you can use second options where you can remove the plugin file from VLC Media player installation directory at C:Program FilesVideoLANVLC and delete the file with name npvlc.dll and then go to plugins tab in your Firefox and Remove VLC current version plugin from there.


Current Version VLC Web Plug-in is an amazing way to play the Video media files within your Firefox browser which comes with the VLC media player installation in your computer. But you can disables and remove the plug-in with or without uninstalling the VLC media player from the computer.

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