Current Version Plugin Microsoft Office 2010

Guide to Current Version Plugin Microsoft Office 2010– Microsoft office a complete package of your office solutions which make your working experience more comfortable and reliable. Have you seen that when you install MS office 2010 on your device, you will get an Add-on, which get installed on your Firefox browser. Which is known as the current version of MS office 2010 plugin 32 bit and 64 bit. This plug-in will help you to open the documents or file from the web pages.

When the installation process of MS office 2010 completed the plug-in will be added in the automatically in your browser. After installation, you will see Wcplugin.exe in the installation directory of the Microsoft 2010.

But if you are using MS Office 2003 or 2007 version, you have to download the file from the official website to use the plug-in or you can update your MS office version to get the Current Version Plug-in of Microsoft Office 2010.

New features of Current Version Plug in Microsoft Office 2010

Current Version Microsoft Office 2010 plugin download comes up with new and innovative features with which you can stay updated

  • View side by side or synchronize scrolling with Microsoft 2010
  • Letter styling
  • Ribbon interface and backstage available in all apps
  • New creative animations and transitions in the MS PowerPoint 2010
  • Live collaboration features
  • Jump lists in windows 7
  • Background removal
  • Latest smart art templates

How to download Current Version Microsoft Office 2010 Plugin

To download Current Version Plug-in of Microsoft Office 2010 you need to go online and need to find out a trustable sources to get the download link. One the installation get completed it is very important to have a idea about how to use the plug-in. To use it, first restart your Firefox browser, then open the document or file in the office web apps option. Now you have to click the command to open the document in the office desktop app. Be it an Excel, word or power point, with a commendable editing option within it.

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