Current Version Plugin iTunes Application Detector

Here is all about Current Version Plugin iTunes Application Detector. iTunes application primarily proprietary operating system of the Apple only, but it is open for windows also for allowing a wider range of audience. iTunes is an Apple app that is used in arranging and listening the digital media files and documents on your PC and laptop. iTunes app is also utilized to watch movies, TV shows and listen to podcasts, audio books and many other digital media files.

iTunes is dedicatedly made to operate media files as it can also be used to synchronize media files between products of Apple iPhone, iPod and PC. We can also visit the Apple music store, surf, listen, and we can also purchase music and other kind of stuff there with iTunes.

Current Version Plugin iTunes Application Detector

Current version Plugin iTunes Application Detector is the Firefox plug-in. As the Plugins always make our online experience more comfortable this Plugin also make our task easier, by using this iTunes Current version Plugin you will be able to identify the existence of iTunes on your PC and Laptop. If you really interested in detecting the presence of iTunes application in unable to find it out, then you can also download this within your browser.

Features Of Current Version Plugin iTunes Application Detector

When you are surfing throughout the Firefox browser, then this plug-in allows easy interaction or communication between Apple’s online media store and iTunes. Is the current version of the iTunes Application Detector plugin. It provides you with an option to explore its various features. Some of them are as follows:


Put stoppage on iTunes app’s Auto Launch

Many times you have experienced that when you are surfing online apple music stores or downloading video or audio from the apple store the iTunes app is automatically started without any permission. Sometimes you find it so frustrating and type of interference in your surfing experience. But now with this current version itunes detector plugin you can disable the auto launch features by following some easy steps:

1. Firstly, you need to start your browser from where your Firefox browser has been situated in your PC either from desktop icon or through the start menu and then all programs and then Mozilla Firefox.

2. Now select the tools button and go to the options tab.

3. Now Click on ‘Always ask’ option that would be available in the action Category.

Now the auto launch feature of iTunes will be stopped.

Ping Feature

Another interesting feature you can find with this plugin is Ping feature with this distinct feature you can follow your friends favorite artist and discover the popular music that are downloading and listening. This is one of the best and interesting feature of iTunes app that you can detect with the help of this plug-in.

How to download Current Version Plug in iTunes Application Detector

You don’t have to do much to download this plugin on your device. When you download and install the iTunes app from the Apple store the Current Version Plugin iTunes Application Detector will also installed in your browser. With this plug-in you will be able to detect the iTunes app, videos, audio music files on various sites. It also permits your browser to connect to the app page, you also get the chance to either buy or download the app with the app. This application is completely safe and secure and this is available completely free of cost.

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